Welcome to Karisma Nails & Beauty, one of Plymouth's founding nail and beauty salons. Our therapists are proud to offer a wide range of treatments to the highest standard, whilst making sure you feel totally relaxed from the minute you walk through our door.


Gift vouchers are available for your chosen treatment or amount, and are valid for six months from date of purchase. Gift vouchers cannot be refunded, but any treatments can be swapped, with notice, to other treatments or products if preferred - just let us know what you would like instead and we can settle the difference at your appointment, if needed.


Booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable within 24 hours of your appointment. We would greatly appreciate 24 hours notice for cancellations, rescheduled and amended appointments, otherwise a 50% charge will be incurred.


Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times

Lash Extensions 18+ 

Patch test required 48hrs before service

Classic lashes are great for a more enhanced natural look, one extension is glued to one lash giving a longer thicker appearance.These are perfect for that extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning

Classic Extensions       £34.00

Maintenance                 £18.00

Hybrid lashes are perfect if you are needing a fuller look, using a mix of singular lashes and fans will help you achieve this goal.

Hybrid Extensions       £45.00

Maintenance                £27.00

Russian lashes are where a fan of multiple finer lashes are applied to each one of your own lashes. This gives you extra fullness, length and curl. Russian lashes will look much thicker and fuller

Russian Extensions    £60.00

Maintenance               £35.00

Natural lashes & brows 18+ 

Patch test required 48hrs before service

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution, allowing the hairs to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape. The result is fuller-looking brows that stay in place when brushed into shape, lasting around six weeks


Brow lamination & Lash Lift & tint   £55.00

Brow lamination   £30.00

A lash lift is a revolutionary alternative to lash extensions - longer looking lashes and no mascara needed all whilst lasting 4-6 weeks! Idol lash lift products are packed with vital ingredients to enrich your natural lashes.


Lash lift & tint      £33.00

Lash tint               £12.00

Flirties long lasting, highly pigmented colour for the brows and lashes, lasting up to 5 weeks. Works quickly and effectively.

Lash & Brow tint  £16.00

Brow tint                £8.00

Acrylic Nail extensions 15+ with parental permission

We offer everything from acrylic extensions fully designed to builder gel overlays for natural nails. If you are not sure what you are after then please ask us and we will help guide you in the right direction. We also have two junior nail technicians, who are fully qualified but building up their experience and clientele. All appointments include 2 replacement nails if needed.

A full set of acrylic extensions. This is a full set of nail extensions using tips, including nude acrylics and gel polish. Simple nail art such as glitter, pigments, foils, stamping, etc. If you are looking to have french, ombre, hand painting, 3D designs, encapsulation, Swarovski crystals, etc please book the additional nail art as these need longer time.

Full set & gel polish    £40.00

Infills & gel polish        £29.00

A full set of acrylic extensions using tips, including nude acrylics and gel polish. Simple art work, glitter, stamping, foil, etc by one of our junior technicians.
They are fully qualified and are building up experience and clientele.

Full set & gel polish   £30.00

Infills & gel polish       £24.00

Advanced acrylic applications, including sculpting, encapsulation, extreme french, ombre, hand painting, crystals, etc are charged by time. We charge £5 for all additional 15 minutes on top of your appointment. Please mention when booking if you need extra time to avoid disappointment.

Natural nails 

Builder gel overlay on natural nails is perfect if you are looking to keep your natural nails but need to have additional strength. You can also add gel polish colour of your choice. Simple nail art such as glitter, stamping and pigments are included but please add on nail art if you are wanting more.

Builder gel & gel polish   £25.00

Builder gel overlay          £20.00

A mini manicure with Gel colour applied to natural nails, lasting between 2-3 weeks, this includes soak off removal of previous gel colour if needed. Simple nail art, glitter. pigment etc are also included in the price but if you are wanting hand painting, crylstals, etc please book additional time.

Gel polish fingers & toes  £32.00

Gel polish           £20.00

The IBX Nail system is a revolutionary nail treatment to target peeling or damaged nails and enhance growth. It can either be used as an 'add on' under Gel Polish for a protective shield or for precise damage repair such as splits and peeling

IBX treatment   £10.00

Manicure           £10.00

Advanced nail art including all nails designed, hand painting, crystals, etc are charged by time.

We charge £5 for all additional 15 minutes on top of your appointment.

Please mention when booking if you need extra time to avoid disappointment.

Treat your feet  16+ 

Enjoy having baby soft feet once all your hard skin & cracked heels have been removed with this luxury paraffin pedicure. Your nails will be trimmed, tidied with all cuticle work done and then slip your feet into our heated booties to enhance the skins natural absorbancy. Add any Gel polish of your choice

Luxury pedicure & gel polish  £40.00

Luxury pedicure                       £35.00

Enjoy having baby soft feet once all your hard skin & calluses have been removed with this peel. You'll also receive a pedicure and gel polish to make sure you feet and nails are in fantastic condition.

Callus peel & gel polish £32.00

Callus peel                      £28.00

Feet are soaked to soften the skin, toes nails cut & filed. Cuticles tidied, hard skin filed & removed. Then a relaxing massage up to the knee to finish the treatment before a gel colour of your choice is applied.

Pedicure & gel polish   £29.00

Pedicure                        £22.00

Massage 18+

Enjoy a hot stone massage to help relieve your aches and pains. Let the stones warm your muscles before your therapist relaxes the deeper knots and eases you in to a state of bliss. Book your full body or back, neck & shoulder massage today

Full body hot stone £36.00

BNS hot stone         £20.00

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage therapy. With a light to medium pressure this treatment works to soothe aching muscles and to improve circulation and blood flow around the body, helping to increas flexiblity as well as calming and relaxing the body and mind.

Full body Swedish  £25.00

BNS Swedish           £16.00

Refresh your tired eyes with our Jasmine infused Space mask, whilst your back is exfoliated with our new Mandarin and black pepper scrub. Unwind with a back, neck and shoulder swedish massage to help loosen those knotted shoulders and relax that aching body.

Back exfoliation & massage £25.00

Benefits of Indian Head Massage – Safe and Effective. Indian Head Massage is a safe, simple yet effective stress busting technique. It's great for anyone with aching shoulders, tight necks, tension headaches, eyestrain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hair loss, sinus congestion.

Indian Head massage £16.00

Facials  18+ 

We are introducing Eve Taylor facials to our salon, their products are enriched with the finest hand-blended essential oils. Available only through salons, spas and professional therapists, Eve Taylor London products ensure your skin looks its very best, every day

Looking to revitalise your skin with a bit more? We offer dermaplaning, a treatment that manually exfoliates the skin using a 10 guage scalpel. This removes the dead skin cells, boost collagen and removes unwanted vellus hair, finished with a hydrating mask and massage it's an ideal treatment if you are looking to brighten your skin.

Luxury Dermaplaning    £45.00

Express Dermaplaning  £30.00

Spoil your skin with our luxury essential facial with a deep clense, gentle exfoliation, anti ageing serum, mask and massage. If you're in a rush but still want great results then why not have an Express Refresh facial, giving your skin the boost its needs with visible results and a great value service.

Luxury Essential facial  £45.00

Express Refresh facial  £25.00


A Brazilian wax removes all of the hair from front to back, leaving a thin "landing strip" of hair.
Hollywood removes all of the hair from front to back leaving no hair at all. Perfect for any underwear! Hot wax works better on shorter, tougher hair so is great for this area.

Hollywood/Brazilian Hot   £22.00

Hollywood/Brazilian Strip  £18.00

Basic bikini wax                  £12.00

A half leg wax removes hair from just above the knee all the way down to the toes if desired.

However, if you’re looking for more complete hair removal, a full leg wax is a better option. Hair must be roughly 1 cm long for a smooth finish

Full leg wax  £22.00

Half leg wax  £15.00

Waxing your face can provide you with smooth, hair-free skin for up to several weeks. Waxing is often much more convenient than tweezing, as it pulls out all of the hair by its roots, including the fluffy (vellus hair) and produces clean, long lasting results 

Brow, lip & chin  £15.00

Brows                   £8.00

Lip or chin            £6.00

The advantages of Threading compared to waxing are that it is gentler on sensitive skin. It can be uncomfortable as several hairs are removed at once but works brilliantly for the face and can remove very short hairs

Full face threading              £17.00
Brow threading                    £9.00
Lip or chin threading           £6.00