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Wax to the Max :)

As 2022 starts to build momentum we are all aware of the lighter days, fresher mornings, feelings of renewal and the start of Spring. I'm sure some of us are quite happy hibernating like bears in our onesies and snuddies but this year it does feel like there is a hope of some normality. Now can I ask what that may be? Are you venturing out a little bit more? Seeing friends and not taking a 2 meter barge pole with you everywhere you go?

I know lots of people are absoluting gagging for a holiday and after 2 years on practical lockdown I can understand why. I know my poor dad has been put on a leash, as my mum is still very wary about the whole situation.

As we start to think about holidays and the summer months this is the perfect time to start your summer prep. Get that waxing routine started now, grow those leg hairs out whilst your still wrapping them up in trousers and thick tights so that by the time you want to expose them they will be freshly waxed, super smooth and only needing a monthly visit to us, not a boring old shave in the shower every few days. The same goes for underarms, bikini's and let me be bold, the top lip! These masks are good for something other than saving a fortune on lipstick!

We offer all waxing treatments including female intimate waxing, hollywood's and brazilian's are a firm favourite of our clients with hot wax as the preferred removal as it grabs onto all the tiny hairs and doesn't attached to the skin. Our therapist's will make you feel at ease as you go wax to the max, and you will leave feeling smooth and squeaky clean and maybe a slightly bit tender. You must be 18 and over to book in for this treatment, we really don't think your mum needs to watch :)

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