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Luscious lashes - A guide to choose from.

Are you confused by the different choices on lashes these days?

Classic/princess/mega/volume/russian? What does any of it mean? We'll here at Karisma Nails & Beauty we offer you a choice of 4 when it comes to Lash extensions.

If you are looking for a simple, clean but enhanced look then why not go for Classic lash extensions. These give your lashes a longer, thicker look without being to heavy. The process behind this, for every lash you have, we will attach a longer (but no more than double the length), thicker lash. This will look fantastic and save you having to put on mascara but not to extreme where everyone will notice you've had extensions put on.

If you find that you're in need of something slightly more than Classic's we are now offering Hybrid Light lashes. These are a step up from Classic's with 3 singles then a fan lash applied. Perfect if you are needing a bit more fullness with out going all out on the Hybrid look.

Looking for a bit more than Classic, why not try our Hybrid lash extensions. These are created using a mixture of individual lashes and fan lashes. This is a great way to give the illusion of more lashes, fill in any sparse sections and give a fluffier overall look.

Last but not least when it comes to extensions is our Russian lashes. For every lash you naturally have we will attach a fan holding up to 6 lashes. These are the same in weight as our Classic lashes, they are just made out of thinner extensions. You will end up with super fluffy, full and fabulous extensions.

You will need to have your lashes maintained every 2-3 wks as your natural lashes shed and this will keep your lashes looking luscious! Come and relax on our recliner chairs and have a free nap with every service.

If lash extensions are not the service for you then why not look at our Lash lift and Tint. This is an amazing treatment for natural lashes and last 6-8 weeks. Giving you a mascara look without the panda eyes in the morning!

Patch testing is required on all of these services and you can book all of them at

Lash lift and tint on natural lashes

Natural lashes with a Lash lift and tint.

Perfect if you want an extra 10 mintues in bed in the morning and even better if you are wearing a mask as then you don't have to wear make up at all!


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