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When there are too many choices!

When it comes to nails, I am hoping this will help you chose.

There are so many options out there these days, I know it can be very confusing. This should hopefully help you with your decision making and make booking an appointment much easier.

Are you looking to keep your natural nails?

Are they strong, healthy and just looking to be shaped, tidied, and have some beautiful colour added to them? I would recommend you have a Gel polish manicure, your cuticles will be done, nails shaped and tidied, gel polish applied and finished with cuticle oil to keep them looking hydrated. Our normal gel polish service also offers glitter or pigments so why not add a little sparkle to your life and ask for some extras.

Do your natural nails need a little extra strength?

If you are wanting to keep your natural nails and help them with some additional strength, then builder gel is for you. This is thicker gel polish acts as a hidden layer under your gel polish, giving your nails that extra strength but not too much bulk. You can keep these nude, as we have a range of coloured builder gels, perfect if you need some strength without colour. Alternatively you can add a gel polish colour to these nails, we have a huge range of colours for you to chose from.

Wanting additional length but want them thin and natural looking?

One of the best things to arrive in the nail industry for a few years are the new full cover gel xtensions. With a wide range of lengths and shaped you can change your mind at every appointment. The tips are made from gel, they are attached with gel to the natural nail, and can be soaked off with acetone. Thin and durable, they really have changed peoples perceptions of gel nails. When done professionally, they can last up to four weeks – but this of course also depends on the lifestyle of your client. If they lead a very hands on, active lifestyle then naturally their nail extensions will have a shorter lifespan.

This service is great for you if:

You like the feeling of a fresh set every time.

You like to change the shape of your nails often.

You enjoy having thin yet strong extensions.

Having your natural nails grow up underneath is not a priority.

Are you in need of extra length but are heavy on your hands?

Acrylic nails have been around forever but why chose them? These are great if you are heavy on your nails, want additional, longer length and like low maintenance nails. You can have any gel colour applied to these to give a sophisticated look or add nail nail art and go wild!

Hopefully this guide will help you chose your next nail appointment. Don't forget though, all nails need to be maintained, as we are unable to stop your natural nails from growing. You will notice a gap appearing at the bottom of your nails, as they grow up. The rate of this will totally depend on your genes, lifestyles, health and age. Some people like to have their nails infills/reapplied every 2 weeks and others can go 6 weeks. We always recommend 2-3 weeks for most nails, as you never want to over stress the natural nail.

You shouldn't really have to do much for nails, except apply cuticle oil daily, wear rubber gloves when using chemicals, such as bleach, keep up regular maintenance appointments and don't pick or bite them.


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