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It will be worth it!

How absolutely crazy these past few months have been.

The refit has now promise. If there is anything you would like us to offer or something that you would really like to see once we finish then please let us know.

Your input is vital to providing the best service and treatments in a fantastic environment.

We have now removed the hallway wall between us and the house. Totally separating the property and giving us straight walls :)

The next step is electric, plumbing, lowering ceilings, decorating, etc.. so not much really!

We will be keeping you all in the loop on what is happening with the salon and hope you enjoy our journey to the next level. After all these years and dreaming of being able to do the full salon refit this will be our full relaunch with being able to offer you quality treatments within a beautiful salon.

If you want to follow us for more information then why not follow us on social media.


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