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A Facial for the Fearless - Dermaplaning explained.

Why the hell would you want someone to scrape your face with a scalpel?

This is the question that crossed our minds the first time we heard about Dermaplaning. It doesn't sound like a relaxing facial, more a strapped to the bed torture if you ask us!

The truth behind it though is amazing. Your skin will end up glowing and fluff free, it helps to remove fine lines and your make up and skin care products will love you.

As 21 days worth of dead skin, sebum and fluff are removed you will feel a gentle exfoiliation happening by your skin specialist therapist. A 10 guage sterile scalpel is used to remove all that gunk and build up in a way we've normally only ever seen with the use of chemicals.

If you're in a rush you can enjoy our express dermaplaning facial. A 25 minute treatment where your skin is double cleansed, toned and prepped ready for the main event. Your therapist will glide the blade across your skin at a 45 degree angle, removing all the build up of dead skin cells and sebum. A soothing Eve Taylor serum is applied after to help soothe the skin and gets soaked in faster than a oasis in a desert!

Looking for a bit more luxury? Lay back and relax during a Luxury Dermaplaning facial. A 55 minute treatment with the full works. Double cleanse, tone, double dermaplaning, soothing Eve Tyalor prescription mask for your skin type and a wonderful massage to help relax that clenched jaw, ease the tension and make you feel totally relaxed.

Your skin will thank you as it soaks up all of the amazing products leaving it glowing, super smooth and soft to the touch. (You're not allowed though, as you don't want to clog up those fresh clean pores). As with all facials you might have a small break out after this treatment as the natural toxins in your body escape but this will settle leaving you with skin so smoothe your make up will glide on flawlessly.

Perfect glowing skin after an express Dermaplaning treatment. Book your treatment today at

Interested but worried you might grow a full beard? Don't be. Unless you start ingesting hormone drugs then the vellus hair will grow back just the same as before.


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