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Spring is coming!

Firstly I would like to apologise in the fact that I’m sending this out later than usual. Unfortunately life got in the way, when we realised our bedroom ceiling was falling down and it’s been a mad panic trying to get it all sorted. Honestly when it comes to me and building work you really couldn’t make this stuff. I was only meant to be decorating my bedroom and now its turned into a full on house renovation and I’m sleeping in the dining room!

With February in full swing and the weather brightening up, it’s time to start thinking about warmer weather and summer nights. As we have mentioned before it is always best to start you waxing journey in the winter, when you are layered up and not worrying about anyone judging those legs!

We are here to help you on your super smooth journey with Our Offer of the Month, a 342 on all waxing throughout February, including Hollywood/Brazilians. Just book your appointment as normal and we will discount the lowest price item for you to completely Free. *All waxing must be done at the same appointment on the same person..

The winner of our Essential Eve Taylor Facial is Rachel F. A huge congratulations and we will get you in for your pampering this month. If you are subscribed to emails, you are automatically entered into our monthly competition so don’t worry if you haven’t won yet, there’s a chance every month.

If you are looking to book any appointments with us but aren’t sure on availability you can always check via our social media stories over the weekend as I always put out the coming weeks spaces, or you can go to our booking page and all of our availability is on there for you to see. We have tried to make our booking system as clear and easy as possible, just remember you will need your card ready as a booking fee is taken on all appointments. Can’t wait to see you soon for a good catch up and pampering! Love Kerrie & the Karisma Team xxx


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