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Updated: Mar 4

Have you felt that you eyes have disappeared during the last year? No need of make up, lots of screen time and a lack of being outdoors has made most of us feel like tiny little moles who are scared of the outside world. Hopefully this will not be true for much longer!

We are starting to plan our reintergration with society and I think for most women it will start with hair, nails, lashes and a tan. Personally I'll be looking to shift some weight and buy some new clothes after binning most of mine, as I didn't wear them. Onesies for the win.

Karisma Nails & Beauty in Plymouth offer you a choice of lashes to help you look amazing, even whilst wearing those masks. Are you looking to enhance your natural lashes? Then a lash lift and tint is the way forward for you. Your lashes are permed and tinted over the course of an hour to stand up with a more defined curl, giving you the ultimate bambi look. This is the perfect solution for you if you want a maintenance free treatment and a natural but enhanced look. Lasting 6-8 weeks it really is a great value service that won't be hard to maintain.

Are you looking for something more but not sure where to turn? We also offer Classic, Hybrid and Russian lash extensions. Now what the hell are they you exclaim?

Classic lash extensions are the perfect 'I woke up like this' service. You will have 1 extension glued to 1 natural lash, giving a longer and thicker look without feeling weighted down. This is maybe not the best choice for you though if you only have 4 lashes, you will just leave with 4 better looking lashes!

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of extensions using a mix of single lashes and hand made fanned lashes. This achieves a fuller appearance but without the 'full on doll eyed' look. Your technician will map out your natural lashes and add in the fan lashes, in the places most needed, to give you a thicker yet still natural look.

Now our Russian lashes aren't to be sniffed at. These are the ones with volume enough to knock someone over, if you're not careful. The whole set is made up with hand made fans (up to 5 lashes are applied to one of yours) and takes up to 3 hours to complete. This look is extreme but very on trend and perfect if you want to blow their socks off, even whilst covering half your face.

All of our lash extensions need to be maintained and this is normally done every 2-3 weeks depending on your natural lash hair cycle. We all lose natural lashes throughout the day but it is more noticeable when you have a false one stuck to it. Don't be surprised by the dark lash on your cheek, it's not a spider!

If you do end up going longer than 4 weeks with your lash extensions and come in to us with less than a 1/3 on you won't be able to get away with an infill and this will be charged as a full set price.

We hope this gives you and insight into the different lashes we offer and if there is something you need to know then just ask us. We are always happy to have consultation with you when you come in for your patch test, this is normally done 24 hours before hand and is to make sure you don't end up looking like a puffer fish.

Adverse reactions are very rare but we must do a patch test, even if you have had your lashes done somewhere else, they might be using a different glue and honestly who wants to spend their day with red, streaming eyes, when you could have checked beforehand.

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