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Exciting new treatment now available

After spending the last couple of years renovating and finishing the salon we are now investing in upgrading all of our staffs training. This is especially important to us as we always want to be offering you the best services and treatments around and not let our skills be left behind.

As we are seeing a huge uptake in people wanting to keep their natural nails and help them grow, we have all updated our training in builder gel. This is something we already offered but a refresher course is always good, especially after the last few years. Builder gel is a thicker product than normal gel polish and is used over your natural nails to help give them extra strength and get them to grow longer and stronger. You can have it done in a range of colours and people are totally loving being able to say "They're mine!"

You can book in online for your natural nail journey to start now. Click the link to book now

Our super exciting new treatment is Full coverage Soft gel extensions. We are absolutely in love with this new system which has come about due to Covid. When people realised that sticking plastic, cheap nails of from Primark was not the way to look after their natural nails, the big companies listened and created nail tips that are fully made out of gel.

They are strong, yet flexible. They don't end up with white creases in them if you do bend them and they come in a wide range of nails shapes and sizes.

This is perfect treatment for you if you like to switch up your looks with different nail shapes and lengths or if you want really long ones for your holiday but need to go back to short when you're home. They are thin, strong and you end up with a fresh set ever time you come in, so no nail growth underneath that I know so many of pick at! This service is now available on our booing system and we are absolutely sure you will love it as much as we do.

If Kerrie and Kelly are now wearing them, after years of acrylics then they must be doing something right.

Book your Full coverage Soft gel extensions here. Book now


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